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We offer you the best music masters. Just a good DJ completes the right atmosphere and correctly guesses the mood of the entertaining crowd.

〉  Laser and lighting show

The play of light, music, fancy elements completes the dynamic scene design. The spectators have been enjoying an extraordinary cultural experience for so long.

〉  Sound

We will give the strength of your voice. We will sound corporate meetings and events, concerts, discos. It’s all state-of-the-art technology.

〉  Lighting

In our light you will look the best. Usage of light technology, stroboscopes, dynamic lights and reflectors.

〉  Stage, construction, roofing

Perfect art needs space. Our „boards that mean the world“ will be assembled at your request and according to your ideas. We will support and protect your event. Tents, metal structures and shelters will be assembled at your request.

〉  Interpretation

We will provide technological equipment for your international conferences and meetings. Microphones, headphones and interpreting booths.

〉  Video projection

The memories and special moments of your event will be recorded in the best quality so that you can come back in time in the future. You can recall the atmosphere and experience the color and sound again.